According to police, they are collecting personal data of the residents of Medvedevka village because it is located near the Ukrainian border, Zair Smedlyayev, Head of the Central Executive Committee of the Kurultay, told QHA.

“Since Medvedevka is located in an area near the Ukrainian border, police are doing door-to-door visits checking IDs and taking fingerprints,” said Smedlyayev.

According to Smedlyayev, police visited all of the village’s houses irrespective of their owners’ nationality.

“No searches but door-to-door visits have been conducted. A kind of ID check. They have not done this before,” said Smedlyayev.

Iskender Beriyev earlier reported on his Facebook page that mass searches of Crimean Tatar houses had been going on in the village of Medvedevka of the Jankoy district for more than 1, 5 hours.