The Kremlin-controlled security officials not allowed lawyer Emil Kurbedinov to the search in the house of Marlen Asanov (Suleiman).

Kurbedinov reported on the situation himself on Facebook.

“I arrived at the search of Marlen Asanov (Suleiman). They do not allow me!” he wrote.

It is also known that "handheld" media outlets of the security agencies are appearing at the places of searches.

“Apparently, another false video report is being prepared for the public, in which normal people are "portrayed" as terrorists,” the group "Crimean solidarity" informed on Facebook.

Security forces not allowed lawyers to enter the house of Seyran Saliev, who is being searched as well, according to the information provided by his lawyer Mammet Mambetov on Facebook.

Earlier, QHA reported that today, October 11, invaders in the Crimea are conducting regular searches in the homes of Crimean Tatars. According to the updated information, searches are carried out in homes of:

Suleiman Asanov (owner of the cafe "Salachyk") at the address Bakhchysarai, 9 Chepurina St.

Seyran Saliev (activist, who was searched for the third time) at the  address Bakhchysarai, 20 Mira st., apartment 60).

Timur Ibragimov (civil activist), searched at the address Bakhchysarai, 14, Mira st.

Server Zekerjayev, at the address Bakhchisaray, 16, Gordienko st. 

Memet Belyalov (who lives in the street next to Suleiman Asanov).

The Russian media have already spread information that the activities of the banned organization Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami were allegedly suppressed in the annexed Crimea