At night, September 19, Ukrainian guards of the Kharkiv State Border Service of Ukraine (SBSU) unit detained a citizen of Uzbekistan, conducting a covert video recording, a spokesperson for the SBSU Oleg Slobodyan posted on his Facebook page.

“A young man, 1991, was going to Ukraine through the "Pletenevka" checkpoint in Kharkiv region. During the border control the officers of the State Border Service sent him to an additional check to determine the purpose of his stay on the territory of our state. During the joint inspection - with the fiscal and SBU services – the border guards have noticed a hidden camera for video recording instead of a button on his shirt. The camera was linked by the wire with a data storage in one of his pockets, and with an audio recording device in the other one,” says the statement.

According to the detainee, the means for data recording were given to him by officers of the Migration Service of the Russian Federation, who detained the man for excess length of stay on the territory of Russia.

The man was handed over to the law enforcement agencies and the SBU (the Security Service of Ukraine) to carry out the filtration control.

Photo: Internet