Russian soldiers refuse to participate in military actions on the territory of Ukraine, according to the website of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukraine’s Defense Ministry.

- Russian Prosecutor's Office instituted 80 criminal cases under Section №337 “Autocratic leaving military unit or place of service” of the Criminal Code against members of 33d separate motorized rifle brigade (Maikop) of 49th Army at the Southern Military District, who filed reports rejecting a trip to Ukraine after undergoing a special training at the Kadamovsky site (Oktyabrsky district, Rostov region), as stated in a report.

Due to the refusal of some commanders with the 6th separate motorized rifle brigade of the2nd Army Corps to carry out orders from the top, Russian command has increased control over the regiment.

- Oct 31, the inspection commission headed by the commander of the 2nd Army Corps arrived at the regiment in order to verify the situation in the military unit. In the future, the commission is to work at the advanced units of 14th territorial defense battalion deployed in Donetsk area with Dremov, commander of the 6th separate motorized rifle regiment being currently on site, reports the agency.