(QHA) -

The Ukrainian Navy corvette Ternopil has been captured by Russian special forces, a representative of the command of a Ukrainian Navy brigade, which includes the Ternopil corvette, has said.

"About 20 special service officers stormed the Ternopil corvette. We tried to avoid an armed conflict to prevent possible fatalities," he told Interfax-Ukraine.

According to him, the crew was ready to fight to the end, but the military leadership of Ukraine did not give them any orders.

"We are military, we gave an oath to the people of Ukraine and remained true to it, but the leadership didn't give any orders, and we found ourselves to be abandoned," the representative of the brigade's command said.

He also said that Slavutych is the only one of all Ukrainian naval ships, which had not been seized by Russian forces yet. However, its crew is awaiting an assault any time soon.