Yesterday, October 18, Russian training aircraft L-39 fell into the Sea of Azov in the Krasnodar Territory, the Ministry of Defense of Russia reported.

“Around 17:00, the training aircraft L-39, performing a scheduled training flight, crashed near the village of Dolzhanskaya, Krasnodar Territory,” the department noted.

Reportedly, the aircraft crew managed to eject into the Sea of Azov. According to the Ministry of Defense, the search and rescue team is engaged in the search for pilots at the scene.

According to preliminary information, the cause of the accident could be a technical failure of the aircraft.

The L-39 Albatross aircraft is a training and combat training aircraft manufactured in the Czech Republic. It is intended for the training of flight personnel.

Earlier, on September 18 of this year, the Russian IL-20 disappeared off the coast of Syria. The Russian Defense Ministry said the plane had disappeared during the attack of four Israeli F-16 aircrafts at Syrian targets in the province of Latakia.

According to the Russian authorities, the IL-20 was shot down from the S-200 air defense system of Syria over the Mediterranean Sea through the fault of Israel’s F-16 fighters, which allegedly shield themselves behind the aircraft.

Source: Ukrainian militarist portal