Security forces conducted a search in the house of Crimean Tatar Abdullah Yakubov in the town of Stary Krym in the occupied Crimea, the public association Crimean Solidarity reported on Facebook.

“Investigative actions are carried out in the house where Abdulla Yakubov lives, a businessman, patron of many holidays, a respected person, a father of a large. Address: Stary Krym, Oktyabrskaya st., 45.”

Several activists were detained near the house of the Crimean Tatar, in particular, the father of Geray Kulametov, Zekiya, and sister Ryana Kulametova. The woman was streaming from the scene where the Kremlin-controlled security officials were working.

“They were taken to the house where the search is conducted,” the public association added.

QHA reported that on September 4, law enforcement officers in the occupied Crimea conducted several searches in the houses of the Crimean Tatars. In particular, Marlen Mustafayev and Zarema Kulamatova were searched.

Security forces did not provide the reasons for the searches of Mustafayev, and a police van was brought to the house of the Crimean Tartar. According to preliminary data, the search was initiated by the FSB.

Before the search in the house of Zarema Kulametova, she was taken away in an unknown direction by the unknown people who arrived in two cars. At the time of the abduction, the woman was in the park on public works.