Former employees of the of Sevastopol Social Service attacked a World War II veteran, a first-category disabled Sofia Vlasova in her own apartment in order to get her property. The self-proclaimed "Ombudsman in Sevastopol" Pavel Butsay confirmed the information to the local media.

“What I heard here from Sofia Pavlovna and neighbors, it was very hard. A first-category disabled, a veteran of World War II and she lives in constant fear that some strangers will come to dwell here. We have decided to appeal to the investigating authorities to investigate into activities of the persons engaged in this issue,” the "official" said.

At the moment, a woman is chained to her bed, she is provided medical assistance.

Previously, December 14, soldiers of the Crimean "self-defense" brutally beat two locals in the occupied settlement Shelkino. The participants of the incident explained that the victims’ fault was that they were intoxicated and refused to follow to the police station.

Photo: Internet