Two ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet were seen near the Ukrainian territorial waters.

- On July 27, coastal surveillance of Ukrainian Navy detected two ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the ship "Pytlivyy" and reconnaissance ship "Ekvator," close to the territorial waters of Ukraine, - "Hromadske TV Odesa" informs referring to the Headquarters of the Ukrainian Navy Command.

According to the Navy headquarters, the ships were identified by the helicopter which the Naval Aviation lifted into the air.

Over some time, the Russian ships left the area where they were spotted by the helicopter.

It is reported that the "Pytlivyy" and "Ekvator" got close to the site of the Ukrainian marine border for the purpose of monitoring the Ukrainian-American drills "Sea Breeze 2016" marine component, because further on the Russian ships followed the ships participating in drills.

As QHA reported earlier, a large-scale international military exercises "Sea Breeze 2016" started on July 18 on the territory of Odesa and Mykolayiv region.  According to the plan, the participants work out the interaction of a multinational task force that conducts the operation "in the crisis region," according to NATO standards, with the participation of the Marines and special units of Ukraine, the US, Moldova and Georgia.

Photo: Internet