A large-scale fire in the west of London occurred in a multi-apartment building. The video from the scene shows that almost the entire building was engulfed in flames.

The incident was reported by the Air Force.

"We can see debris falling from the building, we hear claps and the sound of a breaking glass.”

About 40 fire engines and 200 firefighters left for the Grenfell Tower building in London's North Kensington area, which still can not cope with the fire. There is a risk that the building may collapse.

Reportedly, doctors provide assistance to victims of smoke. 30 people were hospitalized.

According to eyewitnesses, access to the building for fire trucks is extremely difficult due to too narrow access roads. This significantly limited the ability of firemen in extinguishing the fire.

Earlier a large-scale fire occurred in the territory of the cloth factory in Berezany Kyiv region.

PHOTO: Reuters, Air Force