Crimean Tatar Remzi Osmanov has not contacted his family since going missing eight days ago. Today it became known that he called his relatives from Kazan, head of the Central Election Commission of the Crimean Tatar Qurultai Zair Smedlyaev posted on his Facebook page.

“We have just been informed that Remzi Osmanov called his relatives from Kazan,” he wrote.

Shortly before the car of Remzi Osmanov was found in Simferopol.

Just a reminder: Crimean Tatar Osmanov Remzi Bilyalovich, born in 1984, went missing on September 26. The young man was living separately from his parents, in the house of his grandfather. Last time he called his parents on September 25. Relatives and friends of Remzi Osmanov describe him as a positive and quiet person having two children. He is a construction worker.

The relatives of Remzi Osmanov filed a statement on his disappearance for the police.