A French actor and a supporter of the occupation of Crimea by Russia Samy Naceri, known for his role in the film Taxi, was beaten in Moscow.

The Russian media reported, that the incident occurred in one of the karaoke bars in Moscow.

The actor was diagnosed with a closed craniocerebral injury, but he did not need hospitalization, after the examination Naceri left the hospital. Verification is carried out upon the fact of the incident.

“French actor Samy Naceri rested and drank with his brother in a karaoke bar located in a building at the crossroads of Tverskaya Street and Staropimenovskiy Lane. About two o'clock in the morning the men had a fight with one of the visitors, who struck Naceri in the face," the eyewitness informed.

According to the information on Telegram-channel Mash, in the bar Naceri had a conflict with the citizens of Belarus.

Previously, Naceri illegally visited the occupied Crimea, for which he was included in the database of the Peacemaker center.

Earlier, on July 11, on the Irkutsk-Moscow flight, a Polish diplomat was beaten, who was returning from a business trip. According to preliminary information, the attacker was a mentally unstable person who was detained.