Assad regime Aviation and Russian Air Forces continued bombing of civilians in Syrian city of Aleppo, justifying themselves by attacks on the Syrian opposition-controlled areas of the city.

Over the last day, 59 people were killed in the bombing, including women and children, and more than 137 were injured, according to the AA. In addition, dozens of civilians remain under the rubble of collapsed buildings:

“The situation in Aleppo is getting worse every day. In the absence of equipment the rescuers often can not help those who remained under the rubble,” said the representative of the Aleppo civil defense Ibrahim Ebu Leis.

Moreover, according to the latest data, the Assad regime has regained control of several buildings in one of the districts of Aleppo.

The siege of the Syrian city of Aleppo has been lasting for a fairly long period of time. The city remains the biggest settlement controlled by Assad's opponents. Russian Air Forces and Assad's regime regularly launch air strikes on the local civilian population to poach the city from the rebels.

Photo: Internet