A car parked near the Frunze market in the city of Henichesk had been standing since Monday and its owner did not show up after almost a week. Police officers arrived at the scene as soon as a local resident reported the suspicious car.

"A car with the number plate of other region has been left unattended on a city street for a long time," the press service of the National Police in Kherson region reports.

After the recent blasts in Kherson region, the law enforcement officers reacted to the report seriously and cordoned off the parking lot with a suspicious car.

Police found packages containing explosive substance, electrical detonator and firer in the car. The explosive device has already been defused. According to a local publication Novyi Vizit, over 10 kg of plastic explosive were planted in the car bearing the number plate of Kharkiv region.

Last night around 8:30 pm, the explosion occurred on the second floor of the Podium store near the Central Market on Druzhby Narodiv (Makharadze) Street in Henichesk. There were broken windows, scattered shards of glass and plastic.

Photo: Internet