As a result of skirmish between two units of the terrorist group "DPR", two militants were killed and three others were injured, according to the the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.
“In the 3rd separate motorized rifle brigade (Gorlovka), the exchange of fire between two units resulted in the death of two soldiers and three servicemen were wounded,” the GUR reported.
Furthermore, in another unit, a brawl of drunken terrorists occurred, with the use of cold weapons. As a result of the incident one person was killed and two were injured.
“In the 9th separate assault rifle infantry regiment of the Marine Corps (Novoazovsk), during the consumption of alcoholic beverages, a quarrel arose among the servicemen, which turned into a fight with the use of cold weapons. One soldier was killed, two more were wounded,” the GUR informed.
Reportedly, panic moods spread among the servicemen of the 4th separate motorized rifle brigade "LPR" on the occupied territory of the Donbas due to the leakage of information concealed by the command about the combat losses of terrorists. So, it became known that in the death certificates of killed militants indicate that the death came "as a result of obtaining work-related injuries in daily activities."
PHOTO: Internet