In the morning of February 3, three terrorists from the so-called "LPR" carried out an armed attack on the OSCE observers. The statement was reported on the OSCE website.
The members of the Special monitoring mission state that one of the militants deliberately shot with a machine gun at the observers’ vehicles. SMM members were not injured, the observers were able to get away from the fire, and out of terrorists sight.
Observers have already informed the Joint Center for control and coordination of the attack.
“At about 09:00 on 3 February 2017, as an SMM patrol approached a position of the so-called “LPR” near Kalynove (60km west of Luhansk), it saw three armed men in military-style uniform about 30m away. One of the men was kneeling and pointing an automatic rifle (AK-type) in the direction of the SMM. An infantry fighting vehicle (BMP-1) was parked next to the armed men. As the SMM left the vehicles it heard one shot from a rifle, assessed as coming from the direction of the armed men. The SMM immediately returned to the vehicles and left the area. The incident lasted about one minute. No SMM members were injured. The SMM informed the JCCC,” reads the statement.
Earlier, February 2, Russian-terrorist forces fired Avdiivka school No.2, where there was a tent camp to help the locals. It was only possible to avoid a large number of human victims due to the fact that the shelling was carried out at night.
Photo: Internet