Yesterday, October 14, truck crane burned at the construction site of the Kerch bridge. According to preliminary data, the fire was caused by short-circuit in the machinery heater.
The video, filmed by a LifeCorr journalist, shows the fire completely covering the driver's cab.

The basic version for cause of the fire is called a faulty heater, switched by the crane operator, followed by short-circuited. The burned equipment is not recoverable.
“At 07:05 a.m. a truck crane caught fire. Inflammation occurred in the crane cab area. Workers independently liquidated fire. At 7:30 the fire was extinguished,” reported the emergency services

October 12, a floating crane sank in the Kerch Strait during the towing from Kavkaz port in the Krasnodar Territory to Sevastopol. According to preliminary data, among seven people being on board, five were evacuated, but two drowned along with the sunken crane.
Photo: screenshot from the video