The Turkish Embassy in Moscow has been stoned. Currently, a few police units are guarding the building, according to Lenta.Ru.

A group of young men in black jackets and hats is outside the Embassy. Some of them, being followed by the police, went towards the Gorky Park.

Nov 24 more than six hundred people held a protest outside the Turkish Embassy in Moscow against the attack on the Russian Su-24 bomber. The protesters were carrying placards "Backstab", "Do not go to Turkey." Security measures around the embassy have been reinforced since afternoon.

A pair of Turkish F-16 fighters attacked a Russian Su-24 bomber in Syria and downed it with an "air-to-air" missile. The aircraft crashed in northern Syria, near the border with Turkey. According to the Russia’s Defense Ministry, one of the pilots was killed by ground fire after ejection. As a result of shelling a marine with the search and rescue group was also killed.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin called a plane Su-24 crash a "backstab by the terrorists’ accomplices."