The terrorist organization "Islamic State" has used chemical weapons during the messile attack on Haliliye district in northern Syria, the Turkish state news agency AA reports with reference to the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces.

“Judging by the signs, identified at 22 of the Syrian opposition fighters, the missiles contained toxic gases,” the report says.

During the air raid conducted by the Air Forces of Turkey in the framework of the operation "Euphrates Shield" in the district of Anif in northern Syria, four targets of ISIS terrorists were eliminated, according to message of the Turkish forces General Staff, as cited by AA.

The day before yesterday, a Turkish aircraft attacked the positions of the IS terrorists in the Syrian city of Al-Bab near Aleppo, after four Turkish soldiers were killed in the area.

The anti-terrorist operation "Euphrates Shield" has being carried out in northern Syria since August 24 with the support of the Turkish Armed Forces.

Participation of the Turkish army in an operation is based on the internationally recognized right to self-defense and the country's desire to eliminate the terrorist threat in Turkey, especially on the part of IS.

The objectives within the operation are to clear border areas of Turkey from terrorists, to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid and to support the international mission to fight the "Islamic state" terrorists.