On the night of February, 29- March, 1 eight cars were torched in Crimea: BMW in the city of Yalta, and Opel and Lexus in the village of Nizhnaya Kutuzovka. Five cars were set on fire in the town of Partenit and the flames spread to a nearby cafe. In addition, another one car was torched in the town of Massandra, reported Komsomolskaya Pravda citing a law enforcement officer.

- The same situation as the night before last, he said.

Crimean residents of the Southern Coast remember a night of February, 27 due to a wave of arson attacks – 12 cars were torched in different cities almost simultaneously.

12 cars were torched over Saturday night:1 in Alushta, 4 in Yalta at Kievskaya St., 3 in Massandra, 4 in Simeiz.