A landfill of household waste has been burning for the second day and smoke has been coming to the nearest villages in the Chornomorske region of the occupied Crimea, website "Notes" reported, referring to the Kremlin journalist Oleg Kruchkov.

According to him, nearby villages were covered with smoke, and residents were asking for help. Firefighters refused to arrive on a call, since there was no open fire.

"Authorities" drew attention to the situation later, firefighters arrived on the scene. The "administration" reported that the fire was localized within the disposal site, but there was concern about a possible deterioration of the situation.

“The fire on the landfill occurred this morning. It is extinguished. We carried out all fire prevention measures including the fire line plowing and processing around the landfill to prevent the spread of fire. It is burning inside the disposal site”.

Later it became known that on the morning of June 20 the area was still in smoke, and the landfill continued to burn.

It is not the first fire of municipal solid waste site near Chornomorske village. According to the residents, the dump burns regularly, and it is at least the fifth case in the last 2.5 years. The total area of the municipal solid waste site is about 8 hectares.

PHOTO: Facebook