As of October 20, 2016, 7195 physicians work in medical institutions managed by the so-called Ministry of Health of Crimea, which is 81% of full-time staffing of physicians posts.

“The highest level of doctors stuffing from 81% to 86% is recorded in medical institutions of Simferopol, Yalta, Evpatoria, Saki, Bakhchisarai areas.
The minimum level of stuffing, from 53% to 68%, is represented in Razdolnensky, Nizhnegorsky, Krasnoperekopskiy, Pervomaisky areas and in Armyansk,” the source informs.

The number of positions for medical specialties, according to administration of the health facilities, totals 914 posts. But over the 9 months of 2016, 632 physicians took up employment in hospitals, while 512 were fired.

Crimea has only four medical colleges, geographically located in different cities. They provide training for specialists with secondary vocational education in Kerch, Evpatoria, Yalta and Simferopol regions and produce about 500 graduates each year.

Notably, the so-called Council of Ministers of Crimea adopted the "Order of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Crimea" №349 «On paid medical services". The order was imposed without public debate and provides that free medicine in Crimea becomes chargeable.

Source: Press-service of the "Ministry of Health of CR"