Since the occupation, the number of doctors and emergency medical technicians (EMT) has significantly reduced in Crimea.

It was stated by the Kremlin-controlled "health minister" Alexander Golenko in occupied Crimea.

“Unfortunately, we still have a lack of emergency doctors up to 50%, and EMTs - up to 20%.

He stressed that in the medical schools of Crimea there is a lack of emergency staff, and to increase it, the medical workers from the RF will be attracted.

Earlier, the director of the Crimean Republican Center for Disaster Medicine and the ambulance medical care, Sergey Astankin, also have stated about the lack of doctors.

“Last year, only one doctor and about 30 EMTs came to our service, whom we trained, and who have appropriate qualifications for working on ambulance now."

Previously QHA reported that the incidence of intestinal infections is increasing in occupied Crimea. Over a week, 810 cases of acute intestinal infection were registered. Local "officials" said that the epidemiological situation on the annexed peninsula is controlled.

Source: BlackSeaNews