Most of the digital equipment purchased over the last two years for medical institutions of Crimea is not functioning. According to the expert Olga Lebedeva, low-quality equipment reduces the quality and availability of healthcare.
In two years over 400 million rubles has been spent on digital equipment for medical institutions. However problem is that either the equipment is not working or the staff does not know how to use it, according to

Moreover, the problem is the lack of high-quality Internet network, since the equipment can only function within the same organization, and creating a single network throughout the region is not possible.

“It turns out that most of the equipment has been purchased, installed, but in fact, is not used. And in many cases, the staff simply do not know how to work with all these devices, how to understand the new technologies,” Lebedeva said.

According to her, more than a third of the Crimean organizations are not properly equipped, although 98% of the directed funds have been spent.
Results of work will be announced at the plenary session, which will be held today, October 26. Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to visit the forum.

Photo: Internet