In the course of the operations, the Turkish Armed Forces have repelled attacks the launched by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (KWP) terrorist organization to disrupt peace and stability in Turkey.

Since July 22, 2015, a total of 944 terrorists have been eliminated.

Since the Kurdish Communities Union (the KCU) announced targeting ‘dams and tools used in dams construction’ as its goal in July, the KWP terrorist organization, assisted by the YDG-H (the Revolutionary Youth Movement) and Revolutionary People's Liberation Party terrorist organizations, have been continuously disrupting peace and stability in the country, and particularly in south-eastern Anatolia.

A total of 69 soldiers and police officers have been killed in attacks launched in the last 57 days (July 7 through September 1), including Kulaksyz Arslan, a police major, and Beyazit Cheken, Head of Istanbul Bomb Disposal Department. A total of 20 people have been killed (including an Iranian national) and 274 wounded (including 3 Iranian nationals) all over the country.

Terrorists have set a total of 249 vehicles, mostly trucks, on fire. 111 terrorists have been neutralized, 27 arrested and 14 injured in the course of the attacks.

Domestic military operations

Operations against the ISIS and Revolutionary People's Liberation Party terrorist organizations, made up of mostly the KWP and YDG-H members, have been going on since July 24, 2015.

A total of 2,253 people have been detained, 574 of whom have been arrested, in the course of the operations.

Ground operations involving the Turkish Air Force A total of 944 terrorists have been neutralized in operations against the KWP undertaken by the Turkish Armed Forces both domestically and internationally.

580 and 250 terrorists have been captured outside and inside the country, and 300 injured in operations involving the Turkish Air Force.

Assisted by tanks and artillery, the Turkish Air Force has succeeded in inflicting heavy casualties on the KWP terrorist organization.

Events in the last 24 hours

The KWP terrorists have used Molotov cocktails to attack a family support center and elementary school in Bismil, Diyarbakır.

The KWP terrorists have staged an ambush outside the village of Bitlis, setting on fire trucks carrying food for a police station in the village of Cheltikli.

In Nusaybin, Mardin, Mayor of the town of Nusaybin Kai (previously detained on suspicion of declaring a so-called ‘autonomy’ but later released) and Allgän, Co-Chairman of a regional branch of the Democratic Party, have been arrested on charges of ‘membership in a terrorist organization’.

In Semdinli , Hakkari, the KWP terrorists have fired missiles on the 2nd Border Guard Battalion.

The KWP terrorists have staged an ambush between the villages of Kulp and Lice (Diyarbakir), setting a vehicle on fire and killing its driver, Dr. Abdullah Birol.

Three individuals, arrested in the town of Kars for making homemade explosives and supplying the KWP terrorists with food, have later been released on parole.

7 terrorists, who have defected from the KWP, have surrendered themselves to the police in the town of Sirnak.

2 individuals have been lightly wounded in an attack on a military vehicle launched by the KWP terrorists.

Olgun Kurbanoglu, a police officer, has been killed in an attack launched by the KWP terrorists in Karakoyun, Igdir.

In Karakoçan, Elazığ, 9 terrorists have been detained following an operation against the KWP and YDG-H under.

In Yüksekova, Hakkari, a KWP member has been killed after the terrorists, armed with heavy weapons, have attacked police units, setting the Regional Office of Roads and Transport Services on fire and building barricades in the streets.