Improper financial allocations between universities is one of the main problems of Ukrainian education, reported Victoria Mulyavk, the analyst at the Center for Social and Labour Studies, at a press conference.

As of now, the government revenues for Ukrainian universities are being earmarked in such a way that the capital prestigious universities get more money than those having actual need in them, such as rural institutions, as well as those that moved from the ATO area.

The issue of scholarships has also been touched upon. For example, recently the government has decided to provide financial support by rating principle. As a result not more than 75% of the group is to receive it.

Thus, those who cannot afford living in a big city without additional support may be deprived of support. According to the expert state-funded university places have been cut by 15.6% compared to last year. Thus, the access to higher education is being reduced as it’s dependent on socio-economic factors.