Any statements of liberal Russian politicians about the return of Crimea to the sovereignty of Ukraine ends with a proposal to hold another illegitimate pseudo-referendum in the occupied peninsula, the results of which will be a foregone conclusion of the Kremlin, according to the Russian activist Roman Roslovtsev who went on protest in Moscow wearing Putin mask.

“I do not know Russian politicians who would dare to unconditionally return Crimea to Ukraine if elected President. I mean the politicians who have at least a theoretical chance to win the presidential race. Any of them will insist on holding a referendum, which in any case will not result in favor of Ukraine. Because I was in the Crimea when it was Ukrainian. The return at the moment is not possible whether by peaceful way or by referendum,” the activist said.

Earlier, the commander of the volunteer battalion "Crimea" Isa Akayev suggested that the de-occupation of the Crimea can happen when Russia is defeated in Syria.

Photo: Internet