Sergey Aksyonov, the self-proclaimed head of Russian-occupied Crimea, considers the recent European Parliament resolution calling on the country-aggressor to return the peninsula to Ukraine ‘inadequate’ and Europe itself as such that ‘follows a political order from the US.’ He shared his opinion on his Facebook page.

“Today the European Parliament has adopted a resolution on human rights in Crimea and demands that Russia return Crimea to Ukraine. There is nothing to talk about the situation - Europe follows a political order from the US and does not want to hear anything. One gets a feeling they are brain-dead,” Aksyonov wrote. 

The ‘head’ of Crimea also assured his readers that returning Crimea to Ukraine is out of the question, calling its illegal accession to Russia irrevocable and not subject to revision.

It was reported earlier that in Strasbourg on February 4, the European Parliament delivered a report on serious human rights violations in Crimea, particularly with regard to Crimean Tatars, and also demanded that Russia return Crimea to Ukraine.

PHOTO: Internet