Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andrei Melnik sent a note of protest to the German Foreign Ministry regarding an illegal visit of the politician from the city of Quakenbrück Andreas Maurer to the Russian-occupied Crimea, according to the statement of the Ukrainian diplomat on Twitter.

“A note of protest was sent about the illegal visit of a local politician from Quakenbrüctok to Crimea.”

The Ambassador expressed his confidence that the violation of Ukrainian legislation would entail serious legal consequences for the German politician.

Reportedly, the German Foreign Ministry did not consent to Maurer's visit to the occupied territory of Ukraine.

Ealier, March 17, the Ambassador of Serbia in Ukraine was summoned for clarification to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine due to the fact that a group of Serbian parliamentarians demonstratively violated Ukrainian legislation and international law paying an unauthorized visit to the Russian-occupied Crimea.

PHOTO: Internet