Ukraine expects two options for developments in the occupied Donbas - a frozen conflict, or a peaceful settlement in cooperation with Moscow.

Ambassador of Ukraine in Austria Alexander Scherba made a corresponding statement in an interview with the publication Tiroler Tageszeitung.

“A bad scenario is a frozen conflict in the East. That is, 6% of the Ukrainian territory under the occupation. The rest of the country remains stable. Some even say it is too stable. People come to Kyiv - and do not feel that the country is in a state of war. Under a good scenario, if Moscow does make efforts to achieve peace, the parties will come to a settlement.”

According to Shcherba, another round of negotiations in the Normandy format at the highest level, which was recently announced, is needed to end the war and come to a decision in the Crimean issue.

“Of course nothing is certain. Too much depends on the mental state and calculations of one person in the Kremlin. And no one knows exactly what he planned for himself. If he wanted, he would have completed this war very quickly. It is just necessary to remove Russian citizens who are waging this war on Ukrainian soil.”

Furthermore, in the interview, the ambassador stressed that Ukraine will not make concessions on the issue of the occupied Crimea, although not everyone in the West wants to know about the peninsula.

“But let me assure you: We will never give up the Crimea. And we will never forget this unprovoked geopolitical robbery, this is the murder of thousands of our citizens, this is an abuse of our trust. Crimea is ours by law. And this violent act, which was committed there, it affected everyone, including Russia.”

Earlier, QHA reported that since annexation, Russia has illegally confiscated 4,575,000 objects of public and private property in the Crimea.

PHOTO: Internet