Residents of the occupied Crimea will be able to vote at the Ukrainian elections, the representative of the President of Ukraine in the Crimea Boris Babin reported.

He noted that for this purpose, relevant amendments are being prepared to the legislation.

“We intend to create an opportunity for Crimeans to participate in elections, for this we are preparing amendments in the legislation. For example, that the inhabitants of the Crimea could vote during a certain period before the elections at the allocated polling stations on the mainland. Monthly hundred thousand people cross the line of administrative delineation to obtain administrative services, for family reasons, humanitarian issues, medical, educational and so on. If they know that, say, within two months they will be able to vote at the polling stations organized for them, and there will be enough such stations - they can come and vote," he said.

Babin went on saying that the system of voting is to be changed to the parliamentary elections in 2019.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that the inhabitants of the Crimea sooner or later will participate in the presidential elections in Ukraine.

Poroshenko noted that instead of the Russian Anschluss there will be a Ukrainian returning - the returning of the Crimea to Ukraine and Ukraine to the Crimea.