At the moment, negotiations and consultation are continuing on the role of the Republic of Turkey in the operation to liberate the city of Raqqa from the ISIS terrorists, according to the Head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter:

“In the near future we intend to start heading to Raqqa with forces capable of taking part in the siege. In this regard, consultation with official Ankara is ongoing on the Turkey's role in the operation in Raqqa."

The operation to sweep Raqqa will be carried out by the International Coalition against ISIS led by the US. Carter also reminded that the coalition continues to support Turkey in the operation "Euphrates Shield" in Syria.

Raqqa is the main center of the militants’ organization ISIS. Syrian city with the population of 400 thousand people, in fact has become the capital of the "Islamic state."The terrorists recruited all the local men and boys from the age of 14 to service in the "Islamic police".

Photo: Internet