The Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs Suleyman Soylu slammed the statement by the American Ambassador concerning the dismissal of 28 mayors of the Turkish Eastern provinces and the appointment of the Turkish government’s trustees, reported the AA agency.

As Soylu said earlier, another state’s interference in the Turkey’s internal affairs is unacceptable especially in the period of active struggle against terrorism:

What right does the Ambassador have to criticize the appointment Turkey makes in the fight against terrorism? And this was told by a spokesman of the country that sought out and eliminated in Afghanistan a culprit of Sept. 11events. The US is constantly talking about the fight against the terrorist organization ISIL. How can one create international alliances to combat terrorism and justify the Kurdish terrorists? stressed Soylu.

Despite the statements by the US Ambassador, Turkey is still committed to all allied and partner relations with the United States. However, Ankara expects the Head of the US Embassy to take his words back:

The great states should think in terms of their status and not to appoint such small people as their representatives, especially to such a strong country like Turkey. We can expect that the Ambassador takes his words back.

28 mayors in the provinces of Southeastern Turkey have been dismissed on the suspicion of links with Kurdish terrorists or belonging to a terrorist organization FETÖ. Such actions have angered the US diplomatic mission in Ankara.

Photo: Internet