The security measures have been ramped up following the terrorist attack in Istanbul this morning. Yet another bomb threat has been reported in Istanbul's metro.

In this regard, the law enforcement officers thoroughly searched the passengers’ bags and suitcases although some citizens are a bit discontented over such measures.

"Veznedzhiler" Metro Station is closed due to "technical problems."

The Radio and Television Supreme Council of Turkey reported that the Chief Justice of Turkey has banned all media from publishing any information, reports or other news on today's events until the criminal investigation ends.

The Turkish city of Istanbul was rocked by a blast just a walk from the Veznedzhiler Metro Station at the very moment when a bus with law enforcement officials was moving along. The blast killed 7 soldiers and 4 civilians and left 36 people wounded with three of them being seriously injured. The ambulances and law-enforcement officers continue works at the scene.

Photo: Internet