The head of the puppet government of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov dismissed the head of the Capital Construction Service Svetlana Moravskaya.

The "order of dismissal" states that she was dismissed by agreement of the parties.

Moravskaya was accused of abuse of office, resulting in serious consequences. The case concerns the period when the woman headed the Capital Construction Service in Samara (Russia).

The total damage caused by the actions of the official, as well as her successor, Renal Myazitov, is estimated at 1.8 billion rubles.

Moravskaya was detained on October 26 in her mother’s apartment in Russia. If Svetlana Moravskaya’s guilt is proven, she faces up to ten years in prison. Also, up to three years she will not be able to occupy certain positions in the profile field.

She was taken into custody by the Samara court.
Previously, on October 19, Vitaly Nakhlupin, the Crimean Deputy Prime Minister, was arrested in Moscow. He was accused of taking bribes on a large scale.

Earlier, Aksyonov dismissed the head of the “administration” of Simferopol, Igor Lukashev. Together with Lukashev, his seven deputies lost their powers.