Apple has blocked the Russian mobile rental app in the Crimea, as well as the directory MoyGorod (My City), which receives investments from the Russian Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF), the founder and CEO of LLC My City Dmitry Begovatov said, as cited by "Kommersant".

Apple noted that "The App Store cannot host, distribute, and conduct business with applications or developers associated with countries under the US embargo."

The application developer appealed to the US Treasury Department on the matter, and the department stated that Russia is not listed among the countries that are under "comprehensive sanctions" of the United States, like the DPRK or Iran. At the same time, they stressed that the United States may limit work with Russian companies if they are associated with persons from the sanctions list.

According to Begovatov, the response of the US Treasury was sent to Apple, after which MoyGorod was unblocked in the App Store, but the updates of this application fail validation.

About 12% of the application users are residents of the annexed Crimea and the terrorist “L/DPR”.

IIDF invested 2.1 million rubles in the company MoyGorod at the beginning of 2017. The Foundation stated that MoyGorod did not contact them about the blocking in the App Store.

The App Store also blocked the online accommodation reservation service Service Director Aleksei Cherepakhin said that in June 2018, the developers tried to download the application in the App Store, but they were refused because of the sanctions. Cherepakhin claims that about 30% of bookings are made in the annexed Crimea.

The App Store also blocked the daily rent application,, 20% of its service was used in the Crimea, but on October 18 the service was unblocked. Service Director General Yury Kuznetsov added that in order to return it to the App Store, it was necessary to “withdraw all references to the objects of the Crimean peninsula”.
QHA reported that in 2015, Adobe blocked its products for the Crimea. In particular, the access to the free multimedia platform Adobe Flash Player is denied. If the the Adobe site was visited from a PC located on the territory of the annexed peninsula, the "Download" button became unavailable for the user.
Source: Kommersant