ATR, a Crimean Tatar news TV channel, and Lâle, a Crimean Tatar children’s TV channel, may soon be unavailable in Crimea  due to lack of funds to pay satellite fees, said Aider Muzhdabayev, ATR’s Vice CEO.

After being denied a broadcasting license in Crimea, ATR , the world’s only TV channel broadcasting in Crimean Tatar, Ukrainian and Russian, has encountered a problem with a total lack of funding in Ukraine.

“We have had calls from two media outlets already. Yes, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow ATR and children’s TV channel Lâle may be unavailable in Crimea.  Because ATR, a TV channel the Russian authorities took everything away from, can no longer pay satellite fees. And the Ukrainian authorities do not want to. Merry February 26! Happy Resistance to Occupation Day!” Aider Muzhdabayev wrote on his Facebook page.

‘Save ATR’ online initiative seeking donations to ATR, a channel that was banned from broadcasting in Crimea, was launched on February 24. Everybody willing to make a donation can do so by visiting ATR’s official website.