In Moscow, the deputy of the National Council of Austria (lower house of parliament) from the ultra-right "Party of Freedom" Dagmar Belakowitsch-Jenewein publicly supported the annexation of the Crimea by Russia, according to the Ambassador of Ukraine in Austria Aleksandr Scherba.

“Of course, no one can prohibit the deputy from juggling facts at her own discretion. And if she publicly denotes the illegitimate Anschluss of the Crimea in 2014 as a "return home," it seems that she has reasons to do such a favor to the Russian Federation and put such an affront upon Ukraine," Scherba wrote.

The Ambassador of Ukraine in Austria informs that the Austrian MP went even further and invited Austrian investors to Crimea. He noted that "from the point of view of international law, Crimea is under the occupation of the Russian Federation - This is out of the question," and it is impossible to change legal or political boundaries.

Aleksandr Scherba also reminded that all the individuals, illegally entering the occupied Ukrainian territory - the Crimea - should be ready to face legal consequences.

Reference: Russia annexed the Crimea in 2014. International organizations, including the UN General Assembly and NATO, condemned Russia's actions, recognized the annexation of Crimea as illegal and imposed a number of sanctions against the Russian Federation.

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