Speaking at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, Arsen Avakov, Ukraine’s Internal Affairs Minister, said that Interpol removed Refat Chubarov from its wanted list.

“On November 6, Russia sent all Interpol members a notification of putting Chubarov on international wanted list,” said the Minister.

According to Avakov, the reason Chubarov ended up on the international wanted list was his calls for Crimea to rejoin Ukraine, which were interpreted by Russia as a breach of its territorial integrity.

“In its turn, the Ukrainian branch of Interpol considers Crimea a part of Ukraine and believes Russia to be an occupant. In view of the above, it submitted a relevant request to the Central Bureau of Interpol,” said Avakov.

Avakov went on to say that Interpol considered all of the requests and concluded that placing Chubarov on international wanted list contradicted its policy of non-involvement in politically-motivated cases.

“Given that, Interpol removed Refat Chubarov from its international wanted list,” concluded Internal Affairs Minister.