Arsen Avakov spoke on the situation of the Crimean Tatar people living in the Russia-occupied peninsula at the opening of police conscription in Kherson, reported UNIAN.

- Human rights situation of Crimean Tatars residing in Crimea is a complete chaos. In fact, this is the second wave of genocide, when Crimean Tatars are being driven away from Crimea step by step. Ukraine cannot put up with it. And even if everyone got used to it, the toughness of the problem does not change, said the Internal Minister.

He also said he is ready to ensure the safety of the Mejlis actions on Ukraine- Crimea border blockade.

- We know about this, and we are in touch with the action leaders. This action is reasonable, we are able to allow for law and order in this situation. I do not think we will have any security problems, said Avakov.

According to the Minister, all the incidemts violating Crimeans’ rights are being fixed.

- Not so long ago, we have established the Crimea’s Interior Ministry Department, where along with the Prosecutor's Office we have rendered a decision to record all human rights violations in Crimea. Sooner or later, probably sooner rather than later, Crimea will be rejoined to Ukraine, and all should get their just deserts. And human rights are to be restored, said Arsen Avakov.