"The National Police and the National Guard are to ensure the delivery of the accused to the court as soon as is technically possible, and in this case we will not be imposed to participate in provocations played out by the fugitive ex-president under instructions of the aggressor," Arsen Avakov wrote on his Facebook page.

According to Interior Minister, Viktor Yanukovych "had provoked enough blood and troubles in the Ukraine."

“Ministry of Internal Affairs will not participate in the next provocation of a Moscow puppet and engage in a violent conflict with the protesters. Moreover, we understand the point of view and motives of these people, and in many ways we share them,” he wrote.

Today the interrogation of the former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, was to be held via video conference in Svyatoshinsky court in Kyiv, Yanukovich staying in the Rostov court. The hearing of the Svyatoshynsky court on the shootings at Evromaydan was postponed due to blockage of the court premises by the activists. Owing to a large number of people in front of the courthouse, it was not possible to deliver the former "Berkut" unit members to the courtroom.