Interior Minister Arsen Avakov submitted to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko a project on reduction of generals posts.

According to the project, the reductions are as follows:

The Border Guard Service ( with a number exceeding 42 thousand people): if there were 74 Generals, now it is proposed to have 14.

National Guard (46 thousand people): the previous number - 38, the proposed one - 18.

Emergency Service (73 thousand people) 21 instead of 27.

The National Police and the Interior Affairs Ministry (175 thousand): 42 instead of 57.

In total, Avakov proposes to reduce the staff from 194 to 95 people. According to him, he respects honored combat generals, but the military personnel reform is more important. 

It will reduce the number of bureaucratic structures and ambitions and pay more attention to those who perform the tasks headed by a small number of highly professional and decent generals, Avakov wrote on Facebook.