Speaking at the Yalta European Strategy (YES) annual meeting in Kyiv, the former head of the European Commission and former Prime Minister of Portugal, José Manuel Barroso, said that the vast majority of voters supported Brexit because of the increase in the number of migrants in the country.

"Britain has always been a special case within the EU, therefore, the votes for withdrawal from the EU were stronger than those of other countries. Now, however, we see similar calls in other countries, in particular in France," he said.

Referring to his talks with the leaders of Britain, Barroso said that the exit from the EU stems directly from the discontent with the increasing number of migrants.

"Brexit was a response to EU enlargement. This can be a problem ... Others can say that if such a powerful country like Britain cannot cope with the influx of migrants, how we will do it," he added.

The former head of the European Commission believes that the EU should strengthen the fight against social stereotypes when migration is only considered as a threat.

Photo: Internet