Speaking about the conflict in Ukraine and pro-Russian militants, under the command of the Russia in Donbas, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko promised to hold elections scheduled in accordance with the Minsk agreements, to control land border of Ukraine with Russia and to "restore order":

“If you want us to hold elections there [in Donbas - Ed.], to make it fair, absolutely fair,  we are ready to organize it ... If you want us to close these 400 kilometers of the border between Ukraine and Russia at this stage and put things in order - we will do it.”

The statement of Lukashenko was inspired by the tension within Belarus itself due to the increase of the arms traffic from the military conflict zone in Donbas, as well as the issue of return of the Belarus volunteers who fought in Donbas.

Earlier, Alexander Lukashenko insisted on the United States intervention with conflict and resolving the situation with the cease-fire. He noted that if the US wants to end the war tomorrow, the "meat grinder will stop."

Photo: Internet