Speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Mariana Betza notes that in the International Court of Justice Russia acts in the usual manner of manipulation and deception. But the fear of responsibility for what has been done can be traced in the statements of the Russian side. The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman wrote about it in her Twitter, commenting on yesterday's speech by representatives of the Russian Federation at the hearings in the Hague.
“Today the Russian Federation is represented in the Hague. The same narrative, manipulation, lies. And the fear of responsibility is felt. But everything in life is like a boomerang.”
The Ukrainian side quickly refutes false theses, which are voiced by Russia from the rostrum of the court.
Thus, on the official account of Ukraine on Twitter, facts on human rights violations and repression in Crimea are cited, although Russia denies them. Photographs of the Crimean Tatars Ahtem Chiygoz, Mustafa Degermenji, Ali Asanov, who are unlawfully kept in remand on the “February 26” trial, are used as an illustration.
“Russia violates human rights in the Crimea, imprisons innocent people who do not agree to live in a culture of fear.”
The facts of the crimes committed by the Russian military in Donbas are cited as well, in particular, evidence that the passenger Malaysian liner MH17 was downed with the Russian BUK in July 2014. The Ukrainian side refers to the conclusion of Вellingcat international experts.
“The military of Russia shot down MH17, killing 298 people. Experts confirm that the MH17 was downed by a missile from the Russian BUK.”
Also in one of the tweets, the Ukrainian side is ironic about the position of the Russian Federation, claiming that Russian military units and weapons in the Donbas are allegedly absent, and when the Russian military are captured there, the Russian Federation claims that they have "lost their way around". The tweet shows infographics, from which it is clear that at least six thousand Russian regular military personnel are in the Donbas.
“Russia claims that it did not arm the forces in Eastern Ukraine. Are all these regular units lost?!”
Earlier, QHA reported that March 6, in the International Court of the United Nations in the Hague, hearings began on the suit of Ukraine against the Russian Federation on the introduction of temporary preventive before consideration of the case on the merits. Today the Russian side is represented in the court. After a four-day hearing, which will last from March 6 to 9, the court will have to decide in a few weeks about the use of precautionary measures.
The Head of the Ukrainian delegation representing the interests of Ukraine in the International Court of Justice in the Hague in the case of "Ukraine against Russia", Deputy Foreign Minister Elena Zerkal stated the need to monitor closely the manipulations and false statements that Russia makes in the UN International Court and immediately refute them.