US Vice President Joe Biden on his return from Ukraine to the United States told about his impressions.

“Ukraine is a country that got a second chance to build a true democracy. Many of the young deputies in the current parliament were on the Maidan,” said Biden. “Ukraine faces two major threats: Russian aggression and endemic corruption. The United States is ready to help Ukraine to overcome both threats,” White House’s website quotes Joe Biden as saying. According to him, ‘it was a good trip.’ 

Just a reminder: Former US President George HW Bush was the last official from the United Sates to deliver his speech to Vekhovna Rada. In his speech to Ukrainian parliament, US Vice President Joe Biden called on the parties to fulfill the commitments undertaken within the framework of the Minsk agreements. He also reminded that heavy weapons should be withdrawn from the contact line and the OSCE mission should have access to the entire territory of the region. US Vice President also called on Russia to use its influence on militants in order to provide elections in Donbas in compliance with the Ukrainian legislation and standards of the OSCE.