People's Deputy of Ukraine Irina Friz announced drafting a bill by Verkhovna Rada to prohibit the use of the Crimean ports by the occupation authorities for international traffic.

“Together with the Security Service of the Autonomous Republic Crimea (stationed in Kherson) a bill was drafted, and it is currently under pre-register discussion with members of the relevant committees. It is meant to improve our Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code. I hope that with the adoption of this bill, we will put an end to the use of the Crimea sea ports by the occupation authorities for international traffic,” Friz wrote.

People's Deputy noted that the law will not provide the solution to the problem of Russian vessels entering the occupied Crimean ports, however, it will allow to freely apply the rule of law to ships sailing under the Russian flag, and successfully carry out their persecution.

Earlier QHA reported that in 2016 the State Border Service of Ukraine recorded 652 foreign vessels calling at the ports of the occupied Crimea. At the same time, the total passenger traffic from mainland Ukraine to the territory of the peninsula has notably decreased.

Photo: Internet