Russian Armed forces Artillery troops conducted at least 149 separate attacks in Ukraine in the summer of 2014, according to the information provided in the study of international Bellingcat experts.
The experts found about 130 artillery positions on the territory of Russia near the border with Ukraine. It is stated that 408 targets of artillery attack in Ukraine fall into the range of Russian artillery systems and their tracks cross the Russian-Ukrainian border.
In total, in the summer 2014, Russian military fired the targets in Ukraine with thousands of artillery shells. This is evidenced by the craters left after explosions.
International experts say that such incidents can be interpreted unambiguously - as an open military aggression of Russia against Ukraine.
In early November, the US representative to the OSCE Commission Ambassador Daniel Bayer made public the observations over the past two and a half years, noting that the OSCE monitoring mission, while in conditions of limited access to the conflict zone, counted more than 20 machines, send a Donbass across the Russian border carrying Cargo 200.
Photo: Internet