British officials warned of a new threat from Russia, which it poses for underwater communications and Internet cables.

Stuart Peach, British Defense Staff, stated that the UK and NATO should have priority in protecting communications lines. According to him, if Russia damages communication lines, the consequences will be "catastrophic".

According to Stewart, the vulnerability of underwater communications creates a "new risk for a way of life”.

"The UK and other Atlantic Nato allies have had to prioritise missions and tasks in order to protect the sea lines of communication. In addition to new ships and submarines, Russia continues to perfect unconventional capabilities and information warfare,” Peach stated.

Earlier, American media outlets reported that Vladimir Putin, the Head of the Russian Federation, was quite likely to be able to store nuclear weapons in the territory of the occupied Crimea. Thereby, the occupied Crimean peninsula, could become a nuclear threat, which refers to one of the elements of the Russian so-called "hybrid war". According to Phillip Karber, the President of the Potomac Foundation, the US authorities posess the information indicating that an active transfer of nuclear weapons from the Russian territory to the Crimea is taking place.