Russian authorities intervened in elections in such countries as the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany and Spain according to the Chairman of the Permanent Delegation of Ukraine to the NATO PA Irina Friz.

She stated that the authors of the report of the Committee on Science and Technology in the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO came up with such results.

Thus, the Russian Federation intervened in the US presidential elections in 2016, in a referendum on the withdrawal of Britain from the EU, in the presidential elections in France, the elections to the German parliament in 2017 and the referendum on the status of Catalonia in Spain.

The report says that Russia intervenes in the elections using a typical scheme: unauthorized interference in the network of political parties and government structures; hacking of personal and professional mail, theft of personal data; systematic emissions of stolen information with subsequent mass distribution in social media, replication with bots, trolls and other means.

It should be noted that the CIA is expecting Russian intervention in the elections to the US Congress, to be held in November 2018.

The former Head of the Central Intelligence Agency, Mike Pompeo, said that the US is ready to resist the attempts of the Russian Federation to intervene in the American elections, and have enough persistence not to suffer significant damage.

The updated US national security strategy, which was signed by President Donald Trump said that Russia interferes in the internal political affairs of countries around the world and is a rival for the United States. In addition to Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and the terrorist organizations IGIL and Al-Qaeda were recognized as threats.